Carolina BMW MOA Breakfast 4/13


The next monthly breakfast for the Carolina BMW MOA will be at the Light Rail Restaurant on 4/13 at 9AM. Please note that we will have a guest speaker, Mr. Kent Skoug, kent_skoug BMW Riders Association Regional representative,  address our club to share more information about the Riders Association as well as the BMW RA’s upcoming rally.

For more info on the breakfast or to RSVP, please go to the following:

Guests and prospective members are all welcome!

Aerostich Popup Event Raleigh, NC 4/9-4/13


Aerostich is coming to Raleigh with all of the latest riding gear and equipment for a special Five-Day Pop-Up event. Join Aerostich factory sizing experts and see, feel and touch all of the latest Aerostich riding gear, including the all-new, completely redesigned ‘R3′ (Roadcrafter 3) Suit, Roadcrafter City and Tactical Suits, Women’s sized Roadcrafters, Utility Riding Pants, Transit Suits and more. Try on gear, get measured for optional custom alterations and experience the feel and fit of graded sizes.

When: 9AM-7PM daily,  April 9th-13th
Where: 6234-112 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27612.

Along with a full array of Aerostich suits, jackets and pants, riders are invited to check out Aerostich Messenger Bags, Combat Touring Boots, Elkskin and Deerskin Gloves, Tank Panniers, Saddle Bags, Seat Bags, Fleece, Electric Liners…Swap riding stories with us and other area riders, and visit with Mr. Subjective, too.

Please click on the following link for additional information: aero raleigh postcard_1

Visit for more details, and make plans to visit the Aerostich Raleigh pop-up location. Open April 9th-13th from 9am to 7pm daily.

To get a free catalog, call 800 222 1994 or email <>.

3/9 2014 Grand Tour Destinations Posted


2014grandtourANNOUNCEMENT:  The official start to the 2014 Grand Tour has commenced!

For more information on registering, please contact Peter Krenn (

$10 entry fees are payable to Treasurer Sid Welch ( If you also want a Rider Passport, please add an additional $2 to your payment and you will receive a Rider Passport that you can use to keep track of your travels. President Don Green has copies of these.

The 2014 destinations for the Grand Tour have been posted above. Ride safe and enjoy the discovery!

2/8 5th Annual Chili Cookoff Recap

Wonderful attendance at the Chili cookoff at BMW Motorcycles of Charlotte this past Saturday. With multiple contestants competing for the title of Best Chili, competition was fierce!


Competitors in the line up under Flora’s watchful eye.


Various tastings in progress.


An up close view of one of the entries.


Let’s see what we have here…


Wow that chili is something!


Camraderie and donuts – a match made in heaven.


Holly Emerson, Chili cookoff coordinator samples this year’s contestants.

Chili+part+1-9Let’s see how hot this really is.

Chili+part+2-7One of the best chili competitor winners receives her prize  from Russ Brasher, for top Chili. Gift certificates courtesy of BMW Motorcycles of Charlotte.

Special thanks to:

  • Holly Emerson and Russ Brasher for organizing the Chili cookoff,
  • Peter Krenn Photography,
  • BMW Motorcycles of Charlotte for donating the prizes as well as hosting the Carolinas BMW MOA event at their venue.

Green Lane Special at BMW-Ducati of Charlotte

BMW Motorcycles of Charlotte is running a special “Green Lane” special for a limited time.

1) Oil and Filter Special: $69.99 (+ tax) for the brands they carry.  This includes up to 4 quarts of oil, filter, crush washer, and labor. There are some restrictions (Call for details) and synthetic oil is $15.00 more. Take the worry and hassle out of this and let their professionals take care of your motorcycle.

2) Standard Tire Install $29.99 per rim (+ weights and tax) when you purchase your tires from BMW Motorcycles of Charlotte.  Some restrictions will apply and a Tube Style Rim is $10.00 extra.


BMW Ducati Motorcycles of Charlotte

January 28th Club Dinner Turnout – Thank you!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI want to thank the 11 members that braved ‘Snowmageddon 2014′ for last nights dinner.

2x Rich Lodge

2x John ‘O’

1x Bob

2x George Smith

2x Russ Brasher

1x Ross Chess

Though we had some last minute cancellations and no shows we still had a good turnout.  The service was great, the food was good, and as always the company was awesome.  All and all a great start to 2014.

Kyle Rogers
Dinner Captain

Photo courtesy of Dave Selvig.

Feb. 8, 11AM Chili Cook Off at BMW Ducati Motorcycles of Charlotte

Bring your finest chili to compete in a chili cookoff! chili

When: Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014. Event starts at 11AM and concludes at 2PM.
Where: BMW Ducati Motorcycles of Charlotte
731 Westinghouse Blvd. Charlotte, NC
Admission is free.

Here are the details on this Saturday’s chili cook off:

This will be the club’s fifth Annual Chili Cook Off.  

Plan on arriving by 11:00 to set up if you plan on bringing chili for judging. Judging will be by popular choice and will begin at 11:30 am and last until the Chili is gone. 

Rules: Each person gets a raffle ticket to be used for voting for their favorite chili. The most votes is #1, second most is #2 and third most is #3. First Place wins a $75.00 gift certificate, Second Place wins a $50.00 gift certificate, Third Place wins a $25.00 gift certificate  All certificates are to the Dealership.
Cooks: It goes without saying that slow cookers were made for this type of thing. Please bring a serving spoon. If you have an extension cord that would be helpful as well. the club will provide drinks, chips, bowls, tasting cups, spoons, etc. 
If you are interested in participating as a cook please let Holly Emerson know:

Even if you don’t plan on bringing chili, bring a friend or your special someone and be a taster! Chili sampling will be open to everyone that comes in to the dealership that day. There is no cost to participate as a cook or taster. 

New Internet Marketing Webmaster

Greetings Everyone,

As the newly appointed Internet Marketing Officer and Webmaster, I’d like to take a moment to welcome you all to the refreshed Carolina BMW MOA website.

My job is to handle the responsibilities relating to making our online resources a stronger tool for new as well as existing members to deepen our shared passion for motorcycling.

If there’s anything we can be doing to do a better job of that please let me know.
Edward Yang

Edward Yang

Planning for the May 3-5 Georgia Mountain Rally

Its been a few weeks since the ride to Iron Horse Lodges and I’m itching for the mountains again.  Roads in Charlotte are just not the same, full of trees, just not the same curves.

I’ve also picked up a few more camping items I want to try out.  No chair yet, still thinking about that one.  I’ll post a full camping report when I return.

GA Mountain Rally, May 3-5, Hiawassee, GA
Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds 1311 Music Hall Road, Hiawassee, GA 30546  N34 57.919 W83 46.346

For those joining me Thursday for tourist ride to Hiawassee, I’m leaving Lake Wyle QT station (hwy 49 and Buster Boyd Bridge) at 9am. Picking up Hwy 11 near Gaffney, past Caesar Head SP and Toxaway SP before climbing north to Cashiers, NC, then west on US 64 to Highlands NC. I’m planning an afternoon stop at Bucks Coffee, downtown Highlands.  Then heading again west on US 64 before turning south to Hiawassee.

I just read about Aunt Sue’ Country Corner just before Caesars Head State Park, local tourist stop.  While riding by, if it looks interesting, we’ll add it to our many potty break\leg stretch breaks.

On the last ride I kept dragging my after market cruiser style forward pegs on my R120RT.  These pegs don’t fold back when they touch the road.  Not a problem in Charlotte, but in the mountains, little bit scary.  After one day of dragging I threw them away.  This will be first ride with my new Illium pegs. Expensive yes, but cheaper then a crash.

I also have the engine guard.


No, I’ve not found a comfortable seat.  Yes, I’ve tried most all of them.  I’m waiting for Dave Selvig’s seat report.  He’s now riding with a KonTours comfort seat.  Any updates Dave?

My phone\camera upload to FaceBook (Chris Skorlinski).  I’ll be posting pictures during the trip. 

See you in a week!

Chris Skor (Skorlinski)

Spring Training Ride to Iron Horse Lodge

Chris Skor (Skorlinski)

I was very excited to be joining Dave Selvig and gang for another Spring Training Ride to Iron Horse Lodge.  Maybe it was meet-up at IHOP, maybe it was the 6 hour ride on twisty back roads to Iron Horse, or maybe 1st chance to use my ne camping gear.  I knew it would be a great few days hanging out with the guys riding the NC Appalachian mountains.



No trip blog would be complete without at least 50 pictures of my bike at various locations.  Here is one at the start of the trip, all loaded and ready to ride.



The left pannier has “bike stuff”, tools, Roc Straps, warm gloves, summer gloves, heated vest, tire patch kit, tinted shield.  While the right has my clothes and personal items like wash kit.

The blue bag on the back has my new REI Hoodoo 2 tent $120, North Face Dolomite 3S sleeping bag $120, and extra long, extra wide, extra thick pad.  I had a few extra goodies like extension cord and heating pad.  And yes, I’m glad I had the heating pad, it packs small and when the temp dropped to 35 degrees it kept me comfy warm all night.

The black bag on passenger seat was mostly empty. I used to as a backrest cruising down the highway. Thought I would get used to it on the bike as I’m planning on taking it with my on 3 week cross-country trip to the BMW rally in OR.  It worked out great.  Plenty of storage, nice lower back support.

I’ll write up another blog post listing camping “should have taken” later this week.

On Our Way

Taking back road, Dave let us to Blue Ridge Parway and Pisgah Inn for lunch.  This picture doesn’t do the views from Blue Ridge justice as the overcast softened the picture.




We were joined by fellow riders at the Inn for lunch.  Mr. Orange Vest is Dave Selvig, our leader for this adventure.




Off the Parkway we took Hwy 215 off the Parkway was a blast.  What you don’t see here is the steep elevation change.  These corners where in 1st or 2nd gear, engine braking all the way down for about 15 miles. Just when you think its over, down and around you go again.  I think it was one of my most favorite roads of the trip.


Ride to Iron Horse took us over popular roads like US 64 to Highlands, NC then Franklin picking up US 23.  Along the way I wanted to stop at local coffee shops for afternoon Latté, but riding with Dave, you don’t stop for Latté, actually, you don’t really stop.  Dave’s philosophy is don’t drink and you don’t need to stop and pee.  Got to say with me on the ride, Dave offered just enough water breaks, thanks Dave!

Speaking of water breaks, here are by one of 100s of waterfalls in the area.  This one goes over a little pull-off road.  I’m sure this is a popular place in the summer.  See all the Harley riders in the back, they had to cool over their engines after ride up the mountain.  That’s a lot of IRON to pull up hill for a small engine.  BMWs, never even blinked at the curves or elevation change.


Later that afternoon we arrived at Iron Horse Lodge where we signed in, paid for our breakfast and dinner, (lunch on your own while out riding), then setup camp.  They even have covered parking.  Yes, another my bike picture.


Yes, I paid extra $10 for electricity, like I said, forecast was for 30s at night and I’m not much on cold after spending 30 years in Wisconsin\Minnesota winters.  If you don’t like tenting, you can stay in the Bunk House or one of the many cabins.  Check out


If I turn around, here is the view from my campsite.  I listened to the water all night long, kinds of sings you to sleep.



That’s the lodge in the background, here is picture from inside the TV room, looking back at my tent.  Just out of view is a large flat screen TV, this week, showing coverage of the tragic Boston Marathon bombing. 


Up stairs in the Theatre Room, did I mention they have a Theatre Room, not some old couches and a TV, but an A-1 class act showing Dish Network, playing “bring your own” DVDs, or, as we did during a down poor, sharing tips on Garmin Basecamp.

Nighttime dinner was served, choice of meet and potatoes, I think it was bring your own Salad night, then hanging out at the fire watching stars come out.  In about 5 minutes of lighting that fire we had a nice crown sharing ride stories, bike maintenance tips, and occasionally a little politics would sneak in the conversation.


Friday turned out to be days of rest as down poor kept most, except our Mr. Dave, off the mountain roads.  When rain cleared a bit, Don and I took a walk up the valley and short this picture back at the lodge.  Don’s GS was itching to climb the gravel road and I was looking forward to capturing YouTube video of Don’s first spill on his new GS.  But for complicated reasons, neither happened.  Lets just say the road was so sleep, wet and rocky we lost our footing walking down.


Saturday was ride home day for Don and I.  I’d planned a 1 hour loop ride around Fontana Dam to Deals Gap, then back to Iron Horse, then over to Cherokee where we’d pick up the start of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  While only 45mph, for me the Parkway is an opportunity to work on my riding skills.  I know 95% of the corners can be taken at 45mph and oncoming traffic is mostly under control, no yahoos sliding over the double yellow.  Slow approach, look through curve, lean and roll on the throttle through curve, upright, engine brake as needed, repeat again, this time smoother.  Once in a while I would shift into lower gear, learning how the bike responds at higher RPMs.

I think Don was just bored riding at Chris’ sightseeing pace.  At my speed you can look around and enjoy the view.  We even stop to pee.

Our ride on the Blue Ridge was cut short.  Turns out couple on a Harley had a bad spill exiting one of the tunnels.  We counted 4 rescue vehicles. Hope they’ll be back up and riding again.  Next time we’ll ride a weekday and have parkway to ourselves. If your in the western NC mountain, Blue Ridge from Cherokee to I-77 needs to be on your “Gota Ride Once” list.


GA Mountain Rally, May 3-5

Looking to get out riding, then join us on GA Mountain Rally, May 3-5, Hiawassee, GA.

The BMW Motorcycle Club of Georgia returns to the highly acclaimed Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds site in Hiawassee (N34 57.919 W83 46.346) over the weekend of Friday, May 3rd to Sunday May 5th, 2013.

I’ll be riding over Thursday then back on Saturday, Sunday is work day for me.

–Chris Skor

BMW Motorcycle Club | Charlotte, NC