Grand Tour

WHEN: Sunday, March 11, 2017 to November 5, 2017.

WHAT IS THE GRAND TOUR? The Grand Tour is an annual activity that the Carolina BMW MOA sponsors for participating members. It’s goal? Encourage you to ride more and experience the excellent riding the Carolinas have to offer.



1. Sign up for this year’s Grand Tour. To be eligible you must be a current member in good standing with the Carolina BMW MOA.

Personal Grand Tour numbers are assigned for your identification and prove that you visited the location.

2. To receive a personal number email Peter Krenn at

3. Submit your Grand Tour Registration fee of $10 to our Treasurer Sid Welch. Your number will become active when Treasurer Sid Welch ( receives the $10 registration fee.

You can do this paying Sid at one of the twice-monthly breakfast meetings, by mailing your entry fee to Carolinas BMW MOA, PO Box 11184, Charlotte, NC 28220-1184.

Or by using Pay Pal:

4. Go ride to the 20 destinations and take a photo with your legible personal number. There are 20 locations to visit for this year’s Grand Tour. The locations do not have to be visited in sequential order.

5. When you get the picture, send the photo to Peter Krenn ( in a timely manner, 7-14 days, and Peter will acknowledge the submission and update our records.

HELPFUL TIPS FOR YOUR FIRST GRAND TOUR: We suggest making a large bold print of your personal number on your computer and laminating it, this will make it much easier to photograph. Some Grand Tour riders attach a string on the laminated card so they can hang the number on a nearby post/sign/tree.

Sunday March 12th to Sunday November 5th.

There are 20 locations to visit for this years Grand Tour. Each location will be numbered, this is to make record keeping easier for me. The locations need not be visited in order. The location number of the site visited is not to be confused with the number assigned to you personally. Personal numbers are assigned for your identification and prove that you visited the location. Your number will become active when Sid gets the $10 registration fee. To get a personal number email me at You may keep you old number if requested before the GT start March 12th, 2017. To be eligible you must be a current member of Carolina BMWMOA.
I suggest making a large bold print of you personal number on your computer and laminate it, this will make it much easier to photograph. I myself put a string on my lamination so I can hang my number on a post or sign.
The rule is, whenever you visit a location on the tour you MUST submit a picture of the location WITH YOUR PERSONAL NUMBER appearing in the picture, legible, so I can read it. IF I CANT READ IT, IT DOSENT COUNT! Have fun with this and take some “creative” shots. We will possibly show them at this years Christmas party.
When you make the picture, send it to me in a reasonable timely manner, please ADD THE LOCATION # IN THE SUBJECT FILE, I will acknowledge I received it in an equally reasonable time frame.
All picture emails go to me, Pete,
Entry fee is $10, to be paid to the club treasurer, Sid.
Even if you enter, but don’t finish, it’s fun to get a few locations, get a few more than your buddy anyway!
Finally, it’s a long summer, plan out your trips, go where it’s hot earlier when it’s cool. Don’t gripe how hot it is in Eastern NC if you waited till July to go.
We don’t care if you take you motorcycle, car, bicycle, or airplane, but just go. We want you to take you significant other on a few of these, and if they don’t ride, that’s okay, that’s why we said other means of transportation are fine to.
Look at the map and see what else is in the area you would like to visit, take the back roads, enjoy local diners and small town bed and breakfast Inn‘s. The back road Carolinas are a wonderful and romantic place to get to know and explore.
Look up the hours of museums, restaurants and parks to make sure you have access to them if you plan to visit and spend time in any of these. You are on your own on this, we are not a travel agency.
In order not to make it hard on those Iron Butt folks that enjoy just traveling, none of the locations have to be open to get your photos. Also, this is not a race, I will not divulge who finished first or last, only who finished. Have a great ride folks.

Pete Krenn, Carolina Grand tour coordinator for 2017



Grand Tour PDF document for print:  

Grand Tour Destinations PDF


1 – Edisto State Park off #17-174 between Charleston and Savanna.
Photo of Pavilion or pier, or any Edisto State Park sign.2 – Carolina Distillery, Edgefield. Photo of distillery Store Front. Better yet, bring me a sample.3 – Glenn Springs Post office, near Pauline on state road 150 just after turning of State road 215. Closed now but well preserved, built around 1900. BTW my late wife’s Aunt lives in the house across the street.

4 – Denmark SC, Photo of Denmark Train Depot., built in 1920 and still used. 18759 Heritage Highway,.

5 – Liberty Hill SC, Photo of Post office in Liberty Hill, still in use, it’s not a big one.

6 – Pickens SC, Photo of Pickens town Clock in Historical area

7 – Manning SC, Photo of Statue in front of Courthouse.

8 – Due West SC. Photo of Due West Town Hall

North Carolina

9 – Qualla Arts and Crafts 645 Tsali Blvd, Cherokee NC. Cherokee Indian Crafts, Photo of sign.

10 – Turnage Theater, built in 1913. 144 West Main street, Washington NC. Photo of Theater

11 – Jones Von Drehle Vineyard. 964 Old Railroad Grade road, Thurmond NC, Photo of Vineyard sign.

12 – New River State Park. Photo of New river State Park sign. One of the oldest rivers around. Shatley Springs is nearby, great food, Southern style, one price, all you can eat. Mountain Music in summer.

13 – Medoc Mountain State Park, Photo of any Park sign that has Medoc Mountain on it.

14 – Georges state Park, photo of sign. Lots of waterfalls in this park.

15 – Johnsons Peaches, 1348 Tabernacle Church road, Candor NC 27229, Photo of big peach or sign out front in parking lot.

16 – Henry Mill Village (Hunger Games movie) Hildebran NC 28637) Photo of old House or Houses, or sign proclaiming that the film “The Hunger Games” was filmed there (If it’s still there.)

17 – Silk Hope, SilkHope Winery. 2601 Sick Home Gum Springs road. Pittsboro, NC, Photo of Winery sign.

18 – Clinton NC. Photo of colorful wall near downtown or a shot of the plastic pig.

19 – Bakersville NC, Photo of Historical Society Museum, or any Roan Mountain Sign.

20 – Southport NC, Photo of the waterfront where the Restaurants are located.