Boone Rally Routes

Here are gpx files of some of our favorite rides in the Appalachian Mountains.  These rides are classed as Dual Sport which typically means 30% to 50% dirt and gravel roads with the remainder paved roads.  Touring routes will be all paved roads and pass by local points of interest.  No matter your riding preferences we hope you enjoy these rides as much as we do.

You will need to unzip the file to get the gpx file that can be imported into most navigation systems.

Check the routes on your GPS since different individual GPS settings can effect the final route calculations


Wilkes DS – This route is approximately 30%-40% good gravel/dirt with most of the rest being two lane twisties.  The route is 86 miles and should take 3 1/2 hours riding time.

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Edgemont DS – This route runs up to Blowing Rock, turns onto 221 for some nice sweepers. Traveling below Grandfather Mountain you will come to Edgemont road. This will be about a 15 mile slightly downhill gravel road. Very passable but when State Maintenance ends it will narrow and have lots of switch backs. At the bottom you will find the historic Coffey General Store. Stop in for sodas, including some classic 7 oz. bottles and snacks. Lots of antiques to look at. Once you are hydrated the path takes in a few yards of 90 and then turns up Roseboro Road for another 12 miles of gravel, uphill this time. Check out the little communities at the upper end of the road. Once at the top you will connect with the Blue Ridge Parkway and ride the Linn Cove Viaduct around Grandfather Mountain, Pass Julian Price Park and the Cone Manor (nice place to explore). Follow the Parkway to Bamboo which will take you back to 421 and a few more turns back to the rally. About 4 to 5 hours and 90 miles.

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Twisties Gravel DS – This is a local ride that includes a visit to the famous Mast General Store and Annex. Lots of interesting shopping opportunities for both sexes. USA made goods, both clothing and camping equipment. Candy and ice cream at the Annex. There is a great gravel road along the river and after five miles or so you turn up Rominger road that starts out paved and goes to gravel. Very twisty with lots of switch backs. A couple more roads come next with the same character followed by an all gravel road for about 12 miles. After a short jaunt on 321 you are back on the river road. Look for the old mill (picture op) before turning out on the other side of Rominger back to 321 and back to the rally. About 2 to 3 hour 50 mile ride.

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Buffalo Creek DS – This 50 mile route takes you to a short gravel section and then two roads with lots of sweepers through some picturesque communities. The fun starts on Sampson road after you pass the junkyard and it turns to gravel. There are about 15 miles of well maintained downhill to enjoy before you pick up blacktop for a half mile before stopping at the Buffalo Mercantile. Make a point of stopping for lunch as the food is delicious. Once fed, you will head up Elk Creek Darby Rd to Triplett road where you will start heading back up in elevation. The road morphs into Elk Creek Rd and alternates between paved and gravel sections until it intersects with Old 421. From there paved roads take you back to the Boone Rally.

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Mast Switz GT – This route is all paved roads which are mostly two lane roads that include sweeping valleys and mountain twisties.  Included in the points of interest are Mast General Store, Roan Mountain State Park, Little Switzerland, Blue Ridge Parkway, Linville Gorge Viaduct and Moses Cone Home/Julian Price Park.  Little Switzerland Inn is an excellent lunch stop or one exit up the Blue Ridge Parkway the Mountain Air Restaurant has unrivaled Vistas. This route is 127 miles and approximately 3 1/2 hours riding time.

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Boone 226A ST – This route combines some of the best of the sport touring roads with both tight and sweeping turns.  There are several excellent lunch stops on the route which include Mountain Air at the BRP and 226, Little Switzerland at BRP and 226A, and Christa’s Country Corner at BRP and 181.

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Saltville Abingdon GT – This touring route is 172 miles.  It starts at the KOA campground in Boone and loops up into Virginia, dips into Tennessee, and then climbs back to the campground by going up and over Snake Mountain and down to Meat Camp. Points of interest include Saltville, the source of salt for the Confederacy, lunch at Loa Acros in Abingdon, and ICE CREAM at Parks Mill.

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Bristol 3 State GT – This touring route takes #421 all the way to Bristol for lunch on State St which is in TN and VA. Along the way it goes over Iron Mountain on “The Snake” to Shady Valley and there is a short detour to the very top of the Holston Dam! From the dam you go into Bristol and back out to #44 which takes you to Green Springs and then backto Boone KOA.

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Shady Valley TN VA BRP GT – This touring route takes you north from NC into TN then east to VA before returning to KOA in Boone. The route is 175 miles and will take about 5 hours to ride.

Click to download Shady Valley VA BRP gpx Click to see route in Google Maps


Mt. Mitchell GT – This touring route is a scenic route well suited to a days outing that covers 170 miles and 4 1/2 hours riding time. It includes over 60 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway and a stop at the summit of Mt. Mitchell. Interesting stops along the route include Little Switzerland, Linville, Banner Elk and Mast General Store.

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Scenic Grandfather Mountain GT – This gentle touring route starts at the KOA in Boone and goes northeast by Todd General Store, West Jefferson, and Warrensville before turning southwest into TN. It passes through Mountain City then by Wautauga Lake and Hampton, TN before turning back southeast by Roan Mountain and into NC. The route then passes through Banner Elk, Linville, and Grandfather Mountain before picking up 221,which parallels the BRP, into Blowing rock before returning to the KOA. This route is 150 miles and 4 hours riding time.

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