Club Bylaws and Constitution

SECTION 1 – Meetings

The order of business for each meeting shall be as follows:

1. Roll call.

2. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting.

3. Report of officers.

4. Unfinished business.

5. New business.

SECTION 2 – Dues

1. The club dues and initiation fees shall be determined by the Executive Board yearly.

2. Associate member dues to be determined by the Executive Board yearly.

3. There will be no initiation fee for associate members.

4. Honorary membership will require no dues and no initiation fee.

SECTION 3 – Finance

1. All bills over $100.00 must be checked and approved by the Executive Board before they are paid.

2. All checks shall be signed by the treasurer or club president.

3. Treasurer shall report transactions to the board at each monthly Executive Board meeting.

4. Annual financial audit conducted during the February Board of Directors meeting.

SECTION 4.1 – Membership

1. Upon payment of dues, applicant will be placed on probation for a period of one month.

2. At the expiration of that time, his/her conduct being satisfactory, he/she becomes a member and entitled to all privileges of the club.


1. The treasurer will notify any member who is delinquent in dues for more then 60 days.

2. If dues are not paid during the following 30 days the member’s name will be dropped from the membership roster.

3. Reinstatement can be requested by appeal to the Executive Board and payment of all back dues.


1. A member may be expelled for conduct unbecoming a member of the club, but charges must first be made in writing and the accused member given a hearing before the Executive Board.

The Executive Board shall take the evidence and report it’s findings to the club with the recommendation that the charges

1. be considered proven and the accused member expelled, or the charges be considered not proven and the accused member remain a member of the club.

2. The club shall thereupon take a vote to decide whether or not the recommendation of the Executive Board shall be adopted.  It shall require a 2/3 vote of the active members present and entitled to vote to veto the recommendation of the Executive Board.



This club shall be known as The Carolina BMW Motorcycle Owners Association.  Active members shall be BMW motorcycle owners or enthusiasts.  Associate members shall be the spouse of an active member, or the child of an active member of driving age still residing with the active member.  Honorary members shall be any other persons as the club may decide with a 2/3 vote of those present at any club meeting.  Active members and associate members only are entitled to a vote in club affairs and to hold office.


1. The officers of the club shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

2. The Treasurer and Secretary shall be appointed by the Board of Directors.


The duties of the President shall be:

1. To preside at all meetings of the club.

2. To have general supervision of the affairs of the club.

3. To appoint any person or committee not otherwise ordered by the club.

4. To personally represent the club on proper occasions and business contacts.

5. To assist all other club officers in their records, correspondence and other duties.

6. To promote interest on the part of each member in club life and activities.


The duties of the Vice President shall be to perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.


The duties of the Secretary shall be:

1. To keep a record of the meetings of the club.

2. To retain backup copy of up-to-date membership roster.

3. To retain master or backup copies and records of all club assets.

4. To maintain records of all user accounts and passwords used for club web site administration, Executive Board email, web domain administration, message board, etc.

5. To notify Executive Board of yearly expiration dates of club charter dues, web domain  registration and hosting, PO Box and other renewable accounts.

6. To notify Executive Board members of unfinished business from previous board meetings.

7. To handle club correspondence.

The duties of the Treasurer shall be:

1. To collect dues from all members.

2. To collect all other monies owed the club.

3. To maintain club financial records and Deliver reports on a timely basis.

4. To maintain up-to-date master membership roster. Forward up-to-date backup copy to Secretary.

5. To maintain records of annual club activities – Fall Picnic, Christmas Dinner, Annual Rally, etc.


The Executive Board shall consist of eight (8) members in good standing.

1. President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and four Directors.

2. Nominees for these offices must be affirmed by a 2/3 vote at a regular meeting.

3. All Executive Board members must be active members with dues paid.

Officers’ and Directors’ Terms shall be as follows:

1. Shall be elected for two-year terms. At the end of these terms, all will be eligible for nomination and re-election.

2. Should a seat become vacant during the year, the Executive Board will appoint a replacement, as soon as possible, to serve out the remainder of the term.

The duties of the Executive Board shall be:

1. To act on all matters ordered by the club.

2. To make final decisions on member expulsions.

3. To properly investigate and present to the club all business or important activity situations.


1. The regular meetings of the club shall be held on the second Sunday of each month at 9:00 AM, but the president or executive board may call a special meeting at any time with advance notice.

2. Business meetings, open to the general membership, will be held the fourth Sunday of each month.


1. The constitution may be amended or added to, providing the proposal amendment is submitted in writing at a regular meeting.

2. It shall then be advertised for 4 weeks and voted on at the next meeting.

3. A 2/3 vote of all active and associate members present shall be required to pass.


Nomination and election criteria for Executive Board Members and Officers:

Board Member:

1. A member or associate member must be active and dues current for a minimum of one year to be eligible for nomination and election as a new Executive Board Member.

2. A member or associate member who has previously served on the executive board and/or held office is eligible for nomination and re-election.

Officer (VP, Secretary, Treasurer):

1. A board member must actively participate on the Executive Board and be dues current for one full term before nomination and election as an officer.

2. Previous or current standing board members and officers are eligible for nomination and re-election as officers for a new full term.

3. Vice-President can transition to President after sitting President’s term expires upon approval of the Executive Board.


1. No person can be elected without serving one full term as an officer.

2. At the end of the current standing President’s term, or, if current President resigns office, or, is no longer able to preside over club functions the Executive Board will nominate and elect the Vice President as President for the remainder of the term.

3. In the event of a tie vote of the Executive Board, the President shall cast the deciding vote – 2 votes.

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