Pre-registration Notice for 2011 Annual Boone Rally

August 6th, 2011 at 7am ET Ends 2011 Annual Boone Rally Pre-registration Offer. Click here now to save money. |

We are down to the last week of offering pre-registration for this bike rally held in Boone North Carolina. So far, everyone that used to sign up for the rally had little or no problems. One early bird did create a problem. Please do not do this once you have pre-registered for the Annual Boone Rally:

After Meetup guided you through the process of signing up for the motorcycle rally, your basic registration information is on file. Rally organizers will create a guest list and confirm your registration status. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR MEETUP.COM ACCOUNT AFTER PAYING YOUR RALLY FEE(S). assigns a payment confirmation ID to your profile. If you close your account, that mouse-click just separated you from your rally pre-registration payment.

All we know now about the person that closed their account is a transaction number assigned to a payment. In short, once you close your Meetup account you are out and the money stays behind! All events you prepaid for and have yet to occur creates a money-to-a-person problem for Meetup event organizers.

We are monitoring pre-registration sign-ups closely! Have a question? Did the pre-registration process fail? Do you think you made a mistake? Ask us, we will be all over it! Contact rally organizers by emailing – rally [@]

Pre-registration ends August 6th at 7am ET. Click here to get in the door while saving some cash to do something else with.